Upcoming Tournament Schedule:

May 2024

  • 4th - 6th British Youth Championships, Sheffield
  • 18th - 19th Sussex Senior Open
  • 18th LPJS Boston, London
  • 26th LPJS Cambridge *
  • 27th - 31st Battersea Half Term Camp, London *


  • 9th LPJS 'Fighting Fit' Girls Foil, East London *
  • 22nd Senior Open 'FCL', Rickmansworth, nr London
  • 23rd LPJS 'GB Challenge' at Fencers Club London, Rickmansworth *
  • 29th - 30th England Youth Championships u.11/13/15 – Hertfordshire *


  • 6th Newham *
  • 13th – 14th BRC 'British Open Championships' (Junior & Cadet BRC)
  • 13th & 14th U14 National Championships, Sheffield 
  • 27th – 28th BRC Cadet, Cardiff


  • 3rd LPJS 'International', Hendon, London *
  • 24th – 31st Battersea Camp, Italy & London


  • 14th – 15th BRC U14 'A' Event, Nottingham 
  • 14th – 15th BRC C&J Nationals, Nottingham
  • 22nd LPJS Cambridge


  • 26th British U23 Championships, Hendon, London


  • 2nd LeonPaul U14 Open, Hendon, London
  • 24th LPJS 'FCL', Rickmansworth, nr London


  • * Signifies 'suitable for all'
  • BRC means "British Ranking Circuit" for Cadet U.17 or Junior U.20 ranking points only for very strong fencers - minimum 13 years old.
  • EFC means "European Fencing Confederation Circuit " again for Cadets and Juniors European rankings.




  • Boston LPJS  - Brava Layla and Meyra for silver and gold and Aimon Bronze in U17. Also Valerie for Bronze in U12, with notable mentions for Edo's top 8 out of 28, whilst Alessandra, 5th and Luna G, 8th of 15 in U14 girls, and Selin, 5th of 21 in the U12's.
  • British Youth Championships  - U12b Edo 37/77; U12g Luna 20th; Selin 8th of 47; U14b Wilfred 31st and Guilly 25th of 87. U14g Hen 15th; Luna G 18th; Yasmine 19th of 59. GOOD & EXCELLENT... I am very happy about the top quarter and top half results at this prestigious event... Brava Layla, 8th and Meyra, 13th of 51 in the U16 girls. 


  • Manchester BRC Cadet (National ranking event for GB cadets squads. Elite event ) - Brava Regina: 13/31 and Bryn: 10/53.
  • Surrey Regional (almost too many medals to count, and in every age category) - Well done for medals to Aimon, Justin; Max R.; Bella; Sophia J; Regina; Zoe S; Anna; Clea and Rebekah.
  • Warwick Men's Open - Bravo Ayaan: silver medal of 2/41.
  • Newham (the hardest series of events for youth) - Well done Justin: 5/15, Luna G: 7/19, Guilly: 6/17 and Henrietta: Medal 2/19.
  • Newham's second event of the term - Hen: 6/28, Selin: 9/28 (fencing up in the U14, well done) and for Edo, who is just beginning to compete, for his 11/35 - good start.
  • LeonPaul Women's Senior Open - a special well done to Milly for L8 8/18 at senior level, very good at just 16 years old. This is a very elite event.
  • Millfield EFC U14 (European ranking event) - Congrats to Henrietta: 5/15.
  • London Youth Regional Championships - Some nice medals for Meyra: Silver, Luna: Silver and Guilly: Bronze.
  • Public Schools Fencing Championships (deserves a special report) - A very exciting day was enjoyed by all, with nearly all finishing in the top quarter and a few outliers in the top half. Of the 100 fencers in the younger girl’s category were some 19 Battersea fencers representing their various schools.

Meyra and Wilfred got off to a brilliant start and were both ranked 1st of 100 after the poules but were befuddled by the format and various 'random' styles of opponents at their first visit to the 'PSFC'.

It is the biggest fencing event in Europe with some 1,600 competitors over 3 days! Brava Milly: Bronze 3/55. Hen: 7/97, Meyra: 5/97 and Wilfred 9/98!

  • Ciudad Real EFC U14 - Congratulations to Yasmine for a medal at this Euro ranking event: 3/10.
  • Poland U15 - Very well done Meyra for 29/128 and Hen, a notable 62/128.
  • LPJS London U12 - Well done Valerie for bronze 3/13. 

Most recently coach JJ has just won a Bronze medal at the GB Senior Championships... many congratulations!! AND coach Tom won Gold in the Sussex Open.

A brilliant few months - well done for National squad selections for Luna G, Guilly, Yasmine, and Henrietta for ENGLAND U14. Well done also to Milly Walshe and Bryn Davies for their GB U17 selections too! Well done Layla Lang who is the highest ranked of Battersea U17 girls on the Euro Fencing EFC (and 16th of all the GB girls). The start of next season rankings for U17 have now been published and we have 3 in the National Squad selection top 20! With Regina very close too.


Over winter/spring, we were visited by Prof. Middleton who conducted two weekends of coach workshops.

Congratulations to Ayaan and Laz for passing their first coach level. Also, for part passes for Marco, Milly and Sofia.

Battersea Camp in Summer: Monday 26th August - Friday 30th August. Please save the date and text Yes/No/Maybe.


A special thank you to Aleksandra for accompanying the girl's squad to Manchester and Poland.

A thank you to Mr Walshe for all his help with the patient armoury fixing fencers weapons, and for his club officer role.

The club would like two or three of the parents to actively participate in various roles. 

  • CHEF DU MISSION for guiding new parents and fencers through their first international events.
  • CLUB OFFICER for official Welfare support role (which requires regular attendance at the Club and to undertake British Fencing training modules).



An absolutely splendid result for GB foil, with Amelie winning The WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS... many, many CONGRATULATIONS to her coach Peter and to Ziemek - fantastic!


  • Well done Sasha U.18 and Milly in U.16 for gold, winning London Youth Championships, and Bryn U.16 and Meyra U.14 silver medals.   
  • Internationally, well done in Paris and Poland for England squad fencers, Meyra, Layla, Regina, Milly, and especially Wilfred who was 13th out of 135 at his first international event.
  • Nice medals and placing in LPJS development events - Meyra for a silver and a bronze in U.15 girls, Selin making L8 breakthrough U.11, whilst at Newham, Luna 9/30, Guilly L8.
  • At the Public Schools Fencing Championships (1,600 fencers, the biggest youth event in Europe) WELL DONE Layla 5/89 and Sasha 5/107.



Wonderful news! At the English Youth Championships in June Bryn won a national medal, Layla was a very close 5th out of 30 and Wilfred 5th out of 53.

At the Newham Youth Development Events special congratulations go to Milly for two Bronze medals (one each in the Under 16 & Under 14), to Sasha for winning Gold in the Under 16 mixed and to Wilfred who won the Gold medal - 1st out of 28.


It is brilliant to see so many of our fencers training at camps in the UK (Millfield, Westcountry Swords, LeonPaul Summer), in France (Melun Val de Seine) and in Italy, where 8 of our fencers are training in this last week of August.

There will be an October half term camp at Battersea Bosco (please message Prof on 07768 698 189 if you are interested in a place) and a "by invitation" camp will take place at Easter in Rome (we can only take six fencers in the Under12/13 category).

Camps are simply the best way to grow in our sport, and all who want to compete should do two or three a year...they also happen to be huge fun.



Project28 is the name of our initiative for achieving national junior and senior medals by 2025 and Olympic selections by 2028... We have a stronger than ever before U15 group and I think will surpass our record year of 2018 when we had 12 fencers on ranking lists with 4 in the National Squad for England U13/15. We are on track for at least 4 from the Battersea club being in the top 10 U17 cadets in 2022/23.

MARCH 2022 - Congratulations go to:

  • Newham (February) - u.14 Girls: Bronze medal (3/16) for Millie;
  • London Region Championships - LYC u.18: Gold medal for Ayaan, u.12: Silver medal for Wilfred (2/19);
  • Newham (March) - U.16's: Bronze medal for Sasha and also a Bronze medal for Millie.                    
  •                               - U.12 Boys: Wilfred, a particular well done on your GOLD medal (1/28).   

WELL DONE team, and thank you, parents!



You may like to read about our club in The Sword, British Fencing Magazine in an article entitled 'A Coaching Model for Elite & Community Fencing' on page 16. Read the article HERE.


We say hello to our new training space at The Sports Hall, Battersea which you can watch HERE.


  • Well done Ayaan, aged 16 - 24/81 at the FCL Open (his first senior event); 
  • Well done Milly & Regina on ENGLAND National Squad selections. 


TRAINING AT HOME: Finally, please do look at The Fencing School Facebook page which contains a ‘training at home resource pack’. Just click HERE


DECEMBER 2019 - Congratulations:

WELL DONE to Aleks who made L8 at the recent GB Senior Women's Event.

WELL DONE to Milly, medal winner at Newham and 5th & 6th consecutive placings.

DECEMBER 2018 - Recent Successes:

Congratulations go to:

Senior British Women's Team Championships - Battersea Bronze medal!

Rome EURO Cadet Circuit

Mr Kent travelled as Chef de Mission for Newham fencer Teagan, and after a long day she made 2nd out of 163... it was the best women's foil result in cadet (U.17) in GB history of fencing. USA had strong contingent and no Italians made L8 which is unheard of.  The tournament was very well run, with Mr Kent knowing many of the organisers and Italian coaches.

Congratulations to Milly for medal this spring in U.12's (still one year to go in this category).

Three Short Movies for Parents & Fencers

You may enjoy watching these 3 short movies to help you and the fencers understand our wonderful sport a little more...

Click HERE to watch Sport Kids: The Fencing Champion - Trailer.

Click HERE to watch A Guide to Foil Fencing - Jesse Morris. 

Click HERE to watch Red Bull: The Speed of Fencing.


Back in Time

Ex #TheFencingSchool coach, current senior #GB mens foil team member BEN Peggs and Mark travelled to Italy to prepare him for European Games Baku, where he won Gold medal.. see a great video of the Italian fencers at Frascati where they spent a week together training...

Ben Peggs, Fencing The Fencing School #GBGoldMedal Baku 2015 European Olympic Games #Fencing #EuropeanGamesBaku


A big thank you to Mr Ansari for supporting the community programme.


Huge THANK YOU to Ben Paul of www.LEONPAUL.COM who donated to Battersea Foil two excellent old scoring boxes - still going strong!  #TheFencingSchool



Huge thanks to our sponsors John T and his daughter Sophie ( pictured ) for their kind donation of blades and kit to Battersea Foil. ( John won the Vets World Championship and Sophie fenced for GB at 2012LONDON )


Welcome Back

19yr old Rory is helping at the club and preparing for fencing again. Rory was selected to fence for GB in world cadet champs

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